A basic knowledge required

Dancing Lights. When using this spell, an Evoker can summon up to four ethereal sources of light. The intensity of the light is up to the caster.

Electric Jolt. When casting this spell, the sorcerer’s hand becomes charged with electric energy, and must grasp hold of a victim for them to be shocked.

Flare. After this spell is cast, a medium-sized ball of flame can be thrown from the Evoker’s hand.

Ray of Frost. An Evoker can cast this spell to create an extended beam of ice that can hurt an intended opponent.

Burning Hands. Both of the Evoker’s hands become engulfed in a non-hurting flame that can be used to attack others. The flames only last for two post rounds.

Forcewave. Unlike telekinesis, this spell creates a wall of force that pushes back attacks or people in its way.

Chilled Explosion. When this spell is cast, a sharp, ice-crystalline object is created in the casters hand to be thrown. Upon contact, the object shatters, creating an explosion of ice shards.

Lantern Light. When this spell is cast, a sharp, ice-crystalline object is created in the casters hand to be thrown. Upon contact, the object shatters, creating an explosion of ice shards.

World Shaking. With this spell, a globe of pure, yellow energy is released from the Evoker’s hand, and with the more distance it travels, the heavier the attack hits.

Persisten Blade. With this attack, a blade of energy is shot forth, and is in effect for two turns. If it misses on the first turn, it boomerangs back for the second turn.

Silent Expulsion. As the spell is cast, a disc of green energy is formed around the Evoker’s hand, to be thrown at their will.

Shatter. At the Evoker’s discretion, a high-pitched noise is reverberated throughout the area, shattering crystalline objects or other glass figures.


A basic knowledge required

FLAME SNIPER. An arrow of pure flame is created once this spell is cast, to be shot forth towards a foe that an Evoker sees fit.

Detonating. Once this spell is cast, a forceful ring explodes from the Evoker; pure energy is expelled from them in the surrounding area, which can cause destruction.

City Lights. With this spell, any light in an area can be temporarily absorbed by the caster, to be released as a white-hot blinding flare to temporarily stun opponents.

Combust. Through the Evoker’s will, this spell can cause an opponent to take various destructive damages. This spell only works on weak Shadowkind.

Continual Flame. With this spell, an Evoker can call forth a continuous, heatless flame that is permanent. In effect, a torch is created that does not need oxygen to survive.

Darkness. At the Evoker’s will, a long, magical shadow is created, shrouding all lights and sight within an area. Only those with extreme night-vision can see through the darkness. (Exception: powerful Shadowkind and those using a sight-enhancing magic.)

Fire Burst. Using this spell, an Evoker can call forth a round globe of flame that fits in their hand. The globe extends, creating a wildfire in the area and can be used to trap targets within.

Flaming Sphere. A large sphere of flaming energy is created to be stationed mobile. It lasts for three posts, and will consume any thing that touches it.

Furnace Within. Using this spell, an Evoker can cast flames from their own body; at first, their body is outlined with fire, and then it extends and shoots outwards towards an opponent in that shape.

Geyser. With this spell, a gushing volcano of water erupts from the ground, aiming towards an opponent and encasing them in a coffin of liquid. If the opponent breathes, they can be drowned; if not, they will be entombed for two posts.

Gust of Wind. The wind from nature is called forth in any area, or created on the spot, to knock down opposing enemies. This spell can also create small, miniature tornados.

Faerie Fire. With this spell, up to five chosen specimens will have their bodies glow a pale light, outlining their frame.


A basic knowledge required

Caricious Zephyr. This spell creates a ball of spinning wind that, when touched, blows object back and damages.

Dire Winter. With this spell, the surrounding air freezes, and any object touched will begin to freeze over. Skin, glass, metal – all will quickly gloss with ice. If not used defensively, the body heat of the Evoker will quickly drop, and shards of ice can be shot off. Depending on the experience of the Evoker, this spell can be used to create a blizzard.

Eletric Loop. The body of the caster becomes charged with electric energy, and the energy is then dispelled from the body, extending in a circular radius to the surrounding area.

Daylgiht. This spell creates four bright light flashes that deal sonic and heat damage. The light created is intense and harmful.

Lightening Bolt. Using this spell, an Evoker can summon forth a lightning bolt from the sky, to strike in an area. The bolt strikes twice in one post.

MAnyjaws. Using this spell, an Evoker can summon forth a lightning bolt from the sky, to strike in an area. The bolt strikes twice in one post.

Resonating Bolt. When this spell is cast, a bolt of blue energy is sent forth, shattering objects in the near vicinity and sending the debris straight for an opponent.

Scintillating Sphere. With this spell, a large sphere of electrical energy is created to be stationed mobile. It will shock and paralyze any object that it comes into contact with, and last for three posting turns.

Stars of Arvandor. With this spell, tiny starbursts of energy are shot forth, swarming around an opponent and digging into its skin.


A basic knowledge required

Blistering Radience. This spell creates an extreme sphere of light that can cause blindness upon inflicted foe.

Forceful Claw. This spell allows a claw of pure force to come into being that attacks opponent or guards an area.

Defenstrating Squere. In the Evoker’s hand, a cloudy gray sphere is created that knocks enemies backwards, and then hurls them upward for subsequent falling damage.

Desert Burial. When this spell is cast, the Evoker creates a storm of sand that quickly buries targets up to their necks, rendering them immobile.

Explosive Cascade. From the Evoker, an explosive burst of flames erupts, creating a large cascade of fire that speeds towards a target.

Force Orb. With this spell, globes of force are created that will shatter when they are touched.

Ice Storm. When an Evoker casts this spell, a storm of hail is created, allowing large shards of ice to fall from the sky.

Thunderlance. This spell creates a lance of pure electrical energy that can be used for three posts. Upon contact with an enemy, the lance will shoot out lightning that encompasses the foe’s body.

Flaming Coffin. With this spell, the opponent is trapped inside a large flame for a posting turn. Unless they are immune to fire damage or extremely powerful, then the flames will incinerate their body.


A basic knowledge required

Interposing Blockade. This spell creates an invisible shield of force that covers against attacks. Once touched, the shield extends outwards to deal damage against the foe.

Cyclonic Blast. An Evoker can cast this spell to create a vacuuming blast of air; this spell, depending on the caster’s experience can be twisted into a tornado.

Dolor. (in conjunction with Conjuration) – This spell can cause a creature trapped in Planar Binding pain, compelling it to agree to some service.

Mass Fire Shield. This spell causes creatures attacking allies to take massive fire damage; all are protected from fire or cold by the outline of flames that surrounds their bodies.

Firebrand. When this spell is cast, a lance of pure flaming energy is created for use battle. Upon touching a foe, flames scorch their body. This spell lasts for three posts.

Versatile Vibration. This spell can turn any small noise, such as the snapping of two fingers, into loud, shattering sonic energy that pierces through barriers and glass to cause damage.

Sword of Deception. With this spell, a blade of energy is created that attacks independently for three posting turns.

Resilient Sphere. An Evoker can use this spell to create a forceful globe that encases an opponent and protects, but traps them before shattering inwards.


A basic knowledge required

Acid Storm. An Evoker can cast this spell to call forth a storm of acid that will corrode and cause toxic damage to whatever it touches.

Unseen Servant. This spell is cast to allow an Evoker to control an invisible, grasping hand that can smash objects or grab a hold of opponents to crush them.

Chain Lightening. This spell allows lightning to spark around the body of the caster; the electricity leaps from the fingertips to the desired direction. Electricity pulses into the victim, lapping at skin and viciously ripping throughout it. Depending on the experience of the Evoker, it has the possibility to jump from victim to victim.

Contengency. An Evoker can cast this spell to set a trigger condition for another spell of their choice.

Howling Chain. At the use of this spell, a chain of force is created that entangles and attacks opponent. It wraps around a foe to choke and cut off circulation.

Shadow Canopy. This spell creates a dome of shadow that is impenetrable to vision and is completely dark inside.

Frozen Entombment. This spell shoots forth a stream of ice that encompasses a foes body and entombs them in a tomb of ice; they are frozen solid, and will thaw out in three turns, or be shattered.


A basic knowledge required

Amber Sarcophagus. After casing this spell, a target is trapped in stasis inside of amber.

Cacophonic Shield. This spell creates an invisible wall that blocks from sound on the other side, deals massive sonic damage, and deafens creatures passing through.

Forceage. After casting this spell, an Evoker creates a cube or cage of force that imprisons all inside for three posting turns.

Thunderclap. With the use of this spell, a clasping action creates a loud noise that causes stunning, deafness, and knocks foes back in a large area.

Torment. After this spell is cast, it causes extra damage to creatures trapped in Planar Binding, forcing them to follow the Evoker’s bidding.


Experienced arcanists only

Sunburst. This spell creates extreme heated light that blinds foes and starts fires.

Icy Razors. With the use of this spell, ice blades come in to attack opponents for four rounds. They are impenetrable and freeze surrounding objects.

Earthquake. With this spell, intense but highly localized tremors rip through the ground, knocking creatures down and collapsing structures.


Experienced arcanists only

Elminster's Evasion. This spell is an enhanced contingency spell that teleports the caster under 6 possible conditions; at the time of each teleportation, different energy is expelled for damage.

Meteor Swarm. With the use of this spell, four exploding spheres are called forth from the sky that are aimed towards foes to cause massive damage. Upon contact, craters are formed.

Eye of Power. This spell creates a large sphere that can have three spells cast through it; each of the three spells do not use up any magical points.

Chaos Hammer. An Evoker can cast this spell to unleash chaotic power to smite enemies. Multicolored explosions of leaping, ricocheting energy are called forth to perish foes.

Implosion. With the use of this powerful spell, an Evoker can create an expanding destructive resonance in a corporeal creature’s body. It extends forward, causing a chain reaction in up to three other creatures, each imploding.