A basic knowledge required

CHALKBOARD. This spell allows an Illusionist to create an opaque plane that the caster can write on. It is only visible to the caster and those that they wish to view it.

FLEETING FLAME. This spell causes an opponent to temporarily believe the Illusionist is in one place they aren’t – allowing for a sneaky dodge in times of need.

GHOST SLEEP. When an Illusionist casts this spell, they can figment sounds in selected targets senses. The noise is of their choice, and they can alter the frequency of the sound.

SHADOW PLAY. This spell manipulates the shape and movement of an existing shadow when cast. The form of the shadow can be shaped into anything of the Illusionists liking.

CAUSE FEAR. With the use of this spell, an intended target has fear instilled into them. The fear can possibly paralyze them temporarily.

SILENT PORTAL. When cast, this spell negates sound coming from a door or a window. This allows no eavesdroppers, magical or not, unless they are of a more advanced level.

COLOR SPRAY. An illusion is cast, and it shows in an array of colors. The colors can either knock a subject unconscious, blind them, or stun weaker creatures.

GHOST SOUND. When an Illusionist casts this spell, they can figment sounds in selected targets senses. The noise is of their choice, and they can alter the frequency of the sound.

DEAD END. An Illusionist can cast this spell to cover their or a target’s tracks, seemingly allowing for a “dead end” to be viewable. The tracker will believe they have reached the end of the road.

FRIENDLY FACE. This spell can be cast in a number of ways, though the most common includes illusions being cast upon a certain individual. The chosen target will see the caster in a friendly environment, perhaps being greeted by many others, to give off an approachable, trusting exterior.

GLIMPSE OF FEAR. This spell can be cast in a number of ways, though the most common includes illusions being cast upon a certain individual. The chosen target will see the caster in a friendly environment, perhaps being greeted by many others, to give off an approachable, trusting exterior.

SILENT IMAGE. This spell can create a single illusionary image that is voiceless. The image, be it person or animal, will act like the Illusionist wishes, for as long as they are concentrating (two post turns).

VENTRILOQUISM. This spell allows an Illusionist to throw their voice for one post.


A basic knowledge required

BLADEWEAVE. If attacking with a weapon, this illusionary effect will cause the caster to seemingly blur out of the opponents vision. In effect, they will become shortly dazed.

BLUR. With this spell, the casters body becomes a blurry image that cannot be seen very well by an intended target. The question rises, “is something really there?”

DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR. The target of this spell is subject to illusions that show them in amazing positive light. They become overconfident and careless, as they are already winning whatever battle in their eyes.

DISGUISE UNDEAD. This spell allows for the appearance of an undead creature to appear corporeal for one post.

HYPNOTIC PATTERN. With this spell, target creatures become fascinated with whatever illusion the caster weaves together before their eyes.

INVISIBILITY. Using illusions, the caster is subject to invisibility for two posting turns, or until they attack.

DECEITFUL TRAP. With the use of this spell, a targeted item will seem as if it is trapped/entombed so as to protect it from thieves.

MAGIC MOUTH. With this illusion, an object can seem as if it is talking. The voice of the object is generally heard as the casters own.

MINOR IMAGE. This spell creates a Silent Image, though the image can speak or have a little bit of sound.

MIRROR IMAGE. An Illusionist can cast this spell and make it seem as if there are decoy duplicates of themselves. The duplicates cannot cast spells.

PHANTASMAL ASSAILANTS. In the illusions created by the caster, there will be nightmarish creatures that can attack and cause damage for one post.

REFLECTIVE DISGUISE. No matter the race, viewers will see the caster as their own species and gender. The Illusionist will be seen as just another one of their own.


A basic knowledge required

DISPLACEMENT. Because of the illusions cast by the weaver, a targeted creature’s attacks will miss a majority of the time. This is due to the creature perceiving their opponent in different places than they actually are.

ILLUSORY SCRIPT. When cast, this spell allows a written letter to only be deciphered by an intended reader. Any other readers will only see gibberish, and have no way of deciphering the note.

INVISIBILITY SPHERE. With this illusion, the caster can make everyone within 10’ invisible.

SUSPENDED SILENCE. Cast upon an object, this spell will cause an object to create an area of silence upon the caster’s demand.

MAJOR IMAGE. Like Minor Image and Silent Image, this spell creates an illusionary image. However, this image has sound, smell, and thermal effects.

PHANTOM GUARDIANS. Once a caster weaves this spell, illusionary guards are put into place at the desired location.

SENSORY DEPRIVATION. Once cast, an intended target will be rendered misperceiving. They will not be able to perceive the world around them through either of their senses.

SPECTRAL WEAPON. This spell can cause an illusionary weapon to cause quasi-real damage. The damage done to a subject is usually half of what would normally be done.


A basic knowledge required

HALLUCINATORY TERRAIN. When this spell is cast, it blankets a terrain area and makes it appear as another; examples into a field into a forest, or a farm into an ocean.

ILLUSORY WALL. Using illusions, the caster can cause a wall, floor, or ceiling look real, but allow anything to pass through.

INESCAPABLE SWARM. When this spell is cast, an intended target will feel as though they are covered by an invisible swarm of insects.

GREATER INVISIBILITY. Like Invisibility, this spell allows an Illusionist to render themselves invisible. However, in this form, they can attack and cast other spells.

PAHNTASMAL KILLER. With this phantasmal illusion, an illusionary phantom can attack and haunt a subject for three turns.

SHAOW WELL. Using the shadows, an Illusionist can cause a target to become engulfed by them. With only darkness visible, the target will eventually be filled with fright and gloom.


A basic knowledge required

DREAM VISION. This spell allows an Illusionist to send a message to anyone who is currently asleep. The message takes one post to be delivered.

FALSE VISION. If an Illusionist is being tracked by scrying, they can use this spell to fool their seeker with a false illusion.

MIRAGE ARCANA. Like Hallucinatory Terrain, this spell can change one terrain into another. However, this spell can craft structures and tiny huts, as if it were a small village.

NIGHTMARE. With the use of this spell, Illusionists can send haunting dreams into the slumber of a chosen target. If the target is hurt in their dreams, they are affected in their awoken state, too.


A basic knowledge required

ILLUSORY PIT. Once this spell is cast, creatures in a given area are stunned or knocked backwards. An illusion tricks them into believing that they are actually falling into an open pit.

MISLEAD. This spell causes the caster to become invisible, and creates an illusory double.

PERMANENT IMAGE. Like the Image spells before it, this spell can create a convincing image. This spell allows complete sensory functioning, and can even deliver objects to the caster. This spell lasts for two turns.

PROGRAMMED IMAGE. This spell works in conglomeration with Permanent Image. This is a delayed spell, which comes into affect upon being triggered.

SOLIPSISM. With this spell, the Illusionist can render a target somewhat insane; they will believe that the world around them in completely fake.

VEIL. This spell can cause a massive illusion glamour; up to five subjects, caster included, will be perceived as different people than they truly are.


A basic knowledge required

PROJECT IMAGE. This spell creates an illusory double that can talk and cast spells at the casters will. However, the spells that are cast by the double still take into affect the original casters’ magic points.

SIMULACRUM. This spell, once cast, creates a partially real double of a creature. In effect, they are an incomplete duplicate.


A basic knowledge required

SCINTILLATING PATTERN. This illusion causes twisting colors that can cause confusion, paralysis, or render a subject unconscious.

SCREEN. This illusion causes complete hiding of an entire area from scrying, and from the eyes of the public.


Experienced arcanists only

WEIRD. This spell creates three Phantasmal Killers that act for three posts each. The targets of this spell are hunted down and haunted until a desired act is carried out, or the post-turn is up.